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Getting Started: Beekeeping in the Philippines

Starting Beekeeping
I started my beekeeping saga in 2004. Fear from the excruciating pain of the bee sting still send chills into my spine. But then again, the love of honey, and the mystery of the 'secret life of bees' draws me nearer into the art of Beekeeping. With the help my friend, I got my first apprenticeship. I was initiated into the beekeeping cult after the two(2) days of training, when my friend intentionally drove a bee sting into my vulnerable skin, as my graduation rite. Then a new world of wonders of the honey bee unfolded. The quest for that elusive golden honey has now begun...

The first thing required of me was to prepare the arrival of the honeybees. I have to buy my beekeeping equipments ahead of time.

Beekeeping Equipment

I bought all my bee equipment from the Internet. And I think you should too, to keep you on the right track. A list of beekeeping suppliers are available on this article or just search for it in google. Buying beekeeping supplies from the internet net is quite simple. Just go to the beekeeping supplier's website, open an account, place the order, and check-out. Payment can be made through any pay pal account or through any international credit card or debit card.

Any one should get their beekeeping equipment from a professional suppliers for a start. The best one are made in the US or Canada, where the beekeeping industry has already matured. Of course it cost a little more, but hey, "We get what we pay for" don't we?

Excited of my orders to arrived, I gleefully claimed my first set of beekeeping equipments at the postal office. Like a child with a new toy, I eagerly assembled it (it came as knock down units) and set them out on my yard immediately. It was then that I anxiously called for the delivery of my honeybees. Two boxes (nucleus) of them I bought.

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pigeonmoun said...

Nice Article. thanks for sharing with us....

beekeeping supplies

ben baltorogi said... you are here to share and i deeply appreciate how you explained...
can i ask how much it cost to you the whole thing, or how much i need to start this beekeeping? when i was young i do beekeeping on wripwraps on our rice terraces..due to lack of knowledge i still do it the same way, now am working as hvac technician here in saudi but still the art of beekeeping is on my heart and hope with the help of your blog i can make it too...God Speed.

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